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Dealing With Post-Operative Pain

Hernia Surgery Singapore: It can be quite scary having to undergo surgery, especially when one of the side-effects of going under the knife is dealing with post-operative pain. The pain can be quite debilitating and downright unbearable but which is often nullified by certain medications provided. This is but one of many ways to manage post-operative pain after hernia surgery Singapore for example however, there are a few ways to deal with it effectively and ensure you receive the best possible treatment post-op:

1. Let your doctor what medications you're on

Let your doctor know if you're on any supplements or pre-existing medications (both prescriptions and over-the-counter) in order to prevent any form of adverse drug interactions.

2. Ask about surgery duration and post-op conditions

Ask your surgeon about the length of time and severity of post-operative pain following the surgery, for example how long hernia surgery Singapore takes to recover. It can be beneficial to learn more about the kind of surgery you are undergoing and its duration in order to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically as well as alleviate any feelings of anxiety of what to expect during the surgery itself.

3. Know more about post-op medications provided

Learn more about the pain medications to be provided post-surgery, and if there are any possible side-effects and how to deal with them effectively especially after a major operation such as a hernia surgery Singapore. Most commonly provided post-op medications are opioids such as morphine and oxycodone, which cause adverse side-effects such as nausea, urinary retention and constipation on top of drowsiness and sedation.

4. Work out a plan with your doctor

Talk with your doctor on developing an itinerary for when you are discharged. Work out a plan to determine your dietary requirements and pain medication dosages among other things to help speed up the recovery process.

5. Learn how to manage your pain effectively

Inform your doctor of any pain around your body following your hernia surgery Singapore, chronic or otherwise, so that they can help you feel more comfortable. For more effective pain management, communicate your pain more descriptively to allow doctors to better treat the pain. Also, ensure you take the medications provided on time within the given recovery period as stipulated by your doctor. Maintain the schedule set by your doctor, and do not stop your course of medication at any point of time without prior notice.

Hernia Surgery Singapore: With over 20 years of clinical, surgical experience, if you think you may have a hernia, please contact the SILS Centre at +65-6479-0608, or schedule a callback by clicking here.

We will call you within 1 working day to schedule an appointment. Thank you.

H/T: WebMD


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