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Jennifer Woods, 2015


I arrived at Gleneagles Hospital on 15 October with terrible abdominal pain. Following a check by a G.P., an abdominal ultrasound and some blood tests, I was quickly diagnosed with Acute Cholecystitis and transferred to Dr Ravi's clinic. To complicate matters further, I was at the same time, diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

Dr Ravi calmly explained the options to me in detail. Really the only sensible option with Acute Cholecystitis is to surgically remove the gallbladder.  I was terrified. I had never had surgery before and had only had one general anaesthetic before, when I was very young.  My Hyperthyroidism was also an issue as that needed to be stabilised before I could have the surgery.

I was admitted to hospital on 17 October and the doctors spent the next five days stabilising my thyroid. Dr Ravi visited me everyday to check how I was doing and to reassure me that the impending surgery was nothing to worry about. He was very informative and answered my many questions and I found this to be very calming.

On 22 October I had a single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy which went very well.  I was delighted with the results. I instantly felt much better. There was very little pain from the surgery (in fact less than my infected gallbladder had been causing!) and I was up and walking around within hours. It is now almost three weeks since my surgery and I am almost back to normal (with sensible precautions of course). Best of all, I am able to chase around after my one year old son again!

I have seen my incision site (through my belly button) and the incision is tiny! It is difficult to imagine that a gallbladder could be removed through such a small hole. There will be no scarring and in a few more weeks or months, there will be no trace of the surgery at all.

I would definitely recommend Dr Ravi and his single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure. A terrified patient who was extremely well looked after, put at ease and delighted with the results of the surgery.  Thank you, Dr Ravi!


Brooke-Smith, David, 2011


On 1 Nov 2011, I was admitted to Glen Eagles hospital for Acute Appendicitis. The emergency staff asked who we would like for a surgeon and my wife replied simply, “the best”. We luckily were assigned to Dr. Ravi’s list, who through his calming demeanour and friendly smile were able to provide clear options for us. One of the options was to have the appendix removed through a single incision, which we decided to use, because we knew that less incisions meant faster recovery, less scars and less likelihood of infection.

As it turned out the operation went very smoothly, I was able to leave hospital only 2 days after my surgery with very little discomfort and was back to full duties within 1 week other than the standard precautions. It has now nearly been one full month and I have no scar and no ill-effects from the surgery.

I found Dr Ravi to be very thorough and cautious meaning significantly less risk of complications.

I personally would highly recommend Dr. Ravi and the single incision surgery.


Dr Bjorn Anderson, 2011


On 29 Oct 2011, I had an attack of a bleeding colon cancer. I just thank my God for being in Singapore at that time! Less than 3 hours it took to diagnose and make a treatment plan. 2 days later Dr Ravi made the surgery and 4 days later again I was home feeling well. That is amazing! 

One week after surgery (Right Hemicolectomy). I am able to walk several kilometers and has no discomfort. But most important it seems, that all of the tumor has been removed. Almost needless to say that the scar will be minimal. Thank you for your skilled workmanship Dr Ravi – my deepest respect. 

Confidence to a surgeon is very important, and with this I give Dr Ravi my very best recommendations


Kang In, 2011


My surgery was on 15th Sep. 2011. It went really well and recover smoothly. By day 2, I didn't feel any discomfort. I was eating and drinking by day 4 and discharged from hospital by day 5. My family and myself were really happy and surprised in this speedy recovery. More importantly, I only had a small bandage over my belly button, which I removed it after 2 weeks!  

Last week, which was week 3 after my surgery. I looked at my belly button. It looked like nothing happened. no scar, no sign of any surgery. I'm so grateful to Dr. Ravi and his staff for everything from consultation, preparation for the surgery, insurance paperwork for pre/during and post surgery, extremely comforting and explain every details that I have asked for.... 

Thank you again!


Thomas Mathew, 2011


About a month ago, I consulted with Dr Ravi for a second opinion after being diagnosed with an enlarged spleen. And I am really glad I did. Dr Ravi went through the test reports with me and advised an open surgery, based on his experience with both laparoscopic and open surgeries in the past as my spleen was larger than 20cm with the largest cyst measuring 15X15X14 cm.  

From the first meeting, Dr. Ravi was extremely patient in explaining the condition and preparing me for what to expect. Due to the size of the cyst laparoscopy was ruled out and I had to go in for an open surgery. 

This was a stressful time for me and my family but Dr. Ravi took care of every aspect of preparation for surgery as well as the post-operative recovery phase. His skilled and hardworking nature, calming reassurance & soothing bedside manner helped ease the recovery considerably. 

On a lighter but important fact, the overall costing was also similar to the first hospital and not much more expensive as we had worried about. On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Ravi and his staff for the excellent care from the entire period of diagnosis to recovery.


Yulian Lie, 2010


In December 2010, a doctor found a big tumor in my father's liver and he suggested surgery to remove the tumor. My father was very worried and scared until he met Dr. Ravi, his surgeon. Dr. Ravi convinced my father that the surgery would be ok, he was also very helpful and patient. Thanks to Dr. Ravi, the surgery was successful and under his care, within 5 days my father was discharged from hospital. Thank you, Dr. Ravi


Jimmy Chua, 2008


I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver & colon cancer in 2008. The seriousness of my illness caused much distress amongst my family members & left me feeling most disheartened. Chances of recovery for stage 4 liver cancer is deemed to be low. I was preparing myself for the worst. Yet Dr Ravi never ceased to encourage me, pushing me on to fight, to hope, to recover. My liver operation turned out to be a success, & 7 years since I have been on remission & healthy under Dr Ravi's care. Thanks Dr Ravi

D Hutton, 2016


I write to thank Dr Ravi for all the care, professionalism and great results he achieved on my recent SILS procedures undertaken at Gleneagles. In 2015 Dr Ravi performed three separate operations on me using SILS for my emergency appendicitis, gall bladder removal and hernia repair.


All were completed with great results, fast recovery times and no scaring. I was back at work within a week following the separate procedures. I am forever grateful to Dr Ravi for maintaining my health. His courteous service, dedication and incredible medical skills are first class.


Thank you Dr Ravi.


Lim Wen Chye, 2012
Daughter of Lim Ah Huat


Dear Dr Ravishankar 

No words can show my gratitude and appreciation to you for saving my father from the brink of death. I thank God for sending you at the darkest hour on the eve of Chinese New Year to us. You have my family and my salute and respect forever. You are indeed a surgeon who is highly skilled,display high professionalism and has immeasurable patience and calm. 

On the eve of Chinese New Year, my father was sent to the A and E of Gleneagles Hospital. His blood pressure was as low as 80mmHg and his fever was still lingering around 40 degrees. His kidney function was also low with a creatinine of 498. He was in septic shock. What previous doctors,he consulted, thought was stomach flu turned out to be something worst. His appendix had ruptured and his organs were all infected. Your accurate diagnosis of his condition and immediate surgery after that plus your close monitoring and care for him post operation saved his life.  

Throughout the entire period of pre operation and post operation, you are also very patient in keeping my family and I posted on the progress of my father and answering all our questions. You are very clear in your explanation as you explain all the medical terms in a way a non medical trained person can understand. This helped me a lot as I could explain to my mother in Mandarin. You never failed to ask me to check with my mother if she has any questions. Your patience and calm demeanor helped eased the anxieties we have.  

I am also impressed by your commitment and passion to your job. You are there to check on my father in the morning, noon time, in the afternoon and even at night. Your working hours are indeed very long. Despite the grueling hours, you are always positive and encouraging. You do not show signs of fatigue. This can only come from someone who is passionate on what he does. After he has been discharged, you would still come back to your office on weekends to change his dressing.  

Your medical skill is also superb. Today, my father's wound has recovered well and the scar is minimum. He is cheerful once more and back on his feet.  

Thank you very much Dr Ravishankar! 

Jens Stolte, 2011


On 31.7.2011 I was diagnosed with acute appendicitis and you performed SILS the same day. I am pleased with the result as I did not feel any significant pain afterwards except occasionally the feel of very mild stiches where the addendix was cut,and except the initial 4 days bloating of my stomach which was helped by some water releasing tablets.And the good thing is there are no scars left behind!.

You had advised that I would be able to pick up jogging again 4 weeks after surgery and be able to play football and lift moderate weights in the gym 3 months after which I have done according to plan and I am pleased to say that there have been no problems in doing so.

I have fully recovered and thank you for the professional work you have done.


Evelyn Chin, 2011


A mass was seen in my mother’s pancreas during a routine ultrasound scan at a polyclinic 1.5 years ago. 

She was referred to a restructured hospital for follow up as a subsidized patient. However, my family did not feel confident with the medical care given to my mother and hence we consulted Dr Ravi for a second opinion. Subsequently, based on the findings from further scans and investigations, my mother underwent a Whipple’s Operation performed by Dr Ravi and his medical team in June 2010. 

Despite the major surgery, my mother recovered quickly and was back to her normal activities within 3 months. She remains well today. We attribute this to her positive outlook, faith and not least the professional skills and medical care rendered by Dr Ravi and his team.  

We are also particularly grateful to Dr Ravi for his encouragement and assuring words during those uncertain and worrying times. He is never in a hurry whenever we see him and would spend all the time required to explain and answer our questions. His empathy, coupled with outstanding medical skills, made all the difference. 

Special mention also goes to his friendly clinic assistant Yoke Ling who shows much care and concern for my mother and other patients too. Once again, we give our heartfelt thanks to Dr Ravi and his team. 

Daryl Tan, 2011


After discovering that I had appendicitis, I was rather prepared to see some scars on my abdomen and spend quite some time recovering. However, much to my surprise, I was on my feet again 3 days after the operation done by Dr. Ravi to remove the appendix. 

In addition, since the operation was done on my umbilicus (SILS – Scarless single incision laparoscopic surgery through my belly button. I don’t even have a scar to be seen)), it does not even look like I had been through an operation at all! Best of all, the recovering process was very much shorter than I had anticipated! 

Alice Khoo, 2010


My brother googled and we found Dr Ravishankar K Diddapur, for a second opinion for my father for gall bladder surgery. He operated on my 91 year father (his oldest patient) for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. My father is doing great!  

Dr. Ravi is an excellent person and hard working health professional giving the best of his service towards his patients. He is very kind, helpful and of great knowledge clarifying our questions and doubts, when we were very concerned due to my father's age for surgery. A surgery date was ascertained after consulting him. Before, Dr. Ravi has informed us that he was committed for an overseas assignment for 2-3 days,and I remembered calling him before his departure, asking him WHAT IF and what ‘contingency plan’ if my father needed surgery during his absence, his answer was GIVE ME A CALL ANYTIME AND I WILL ARRANGE IT AT MY END! You will never know, he has given me HUGE assurance and confidence in him.  

He is a very caring doctor and my father is very happy and has a lot of confidence in his ability. Thank you very much Dr. Ravi, you are an exceptional sensitive doctor to your patient, you have given enough warmth in the very cold surgery and recovery room of the hospital to my father who is so allergic to the very cold air-cons. EXCELLENT! We highly recommend you to anyone who needs your service.


Tan Li Hong, 2010


In Feb 2010 I was wrongly diagnosed by doctors from a local hospital as stage 4 pancreatic cancer with 3 months to live, I was preparing me for chemotharapy. My siblings surf the net for 2nd opinion to know Dr Ravishankar K Diddapur = specialist in Pancreas Surgery who diagnosed me his 1st case(Also 1st case in Singapore &South East Asia) of Auto Immune Pancreatitis and not as pancreatic cancer. With his expert support step by step guidance, CT scans, blood tests & treatment with prednisolone and other medications I am feeling well. I don't have jaundice anymore and blood vessel blockage is all relieved.I am v grateful to Dr Ravi, if not I don't know where I would be now. Now i m fine getting on with normal life 9 months after my original diagnosis.

We thank you for your kind words


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