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Acute Vs Chronic Appendicitis

Appendicitis are usually associated with acute appendicitis and the most common symptom are pain in the abdomen around the belly button which then moves to lower right abdomen and intensifies. Other symptoms includes nausea, mild fever, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite and inability to pass gas.


Acute appendicitis formed from an abdominal infection that has spread to the appendix or an obstruction from hardened stool, a foreign object or an ulcer that has blocked up the appendiceal lumen. If not treated, it can potentially lead to other serious infections. Sometimes, however, the appendiceal lumen will only be partially obstructed, resulting in chronic appendicitis.


Similar with acute appendicitis, the most common symptom associated with this disease is pain in the lower right side of the abdomen but the pain may be severe than acute appendicitis. At times, only patient with chronic appendicitis experience abdominal pain only.

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When To See The Doctor

You should seek for help if you noticed any of the symptoms mentioned. For instance, chronic appendicitis only have one symptom and it is easy to just brush it off but it is better to be sure than sorry. Do not take any risks and consult your doctor immediately to prevent further complications.

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