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5 Signs Your Body Needs Protein Right Now

Our body requires different nutrients to keep a healthy body going. Protein just like any other nutrients is equally important for our body. Protein helps strengthen our muscles, build up the immune system and making hemoglobin that carries oxygen around our body. But how do you know if your body is low in protein? Look out for these signs.

1. Hair Loss

First obvious sign is hair loss. If you noticed your hair is thinning by the days, it could be because your body is not getting enough proteins. Hair is made up primarily of protein called keratin. Apart from low intake of protein, another cause of hair loss could be from iron deficiency. If you are worried, have it check immediately.

2. Longer healing

When a wound is formed, the body needs carbohydrates, fats and proteins to create new tissue. When the healing takes longer than it should, it means that your body requires more protein leaving the body protein-deficient.

3. Affects On Mood

When a person is low in protein, they will likely to feel low-spirited for no apparent reason. This is because, the natural chemicals needed for the brain and nervous system is lacking which has a direct effect on our mood.

4) Weak Immune System

Protein plays a vital part in maintaining a strong immune system. It helps the immune to fight against invaders and regulate our immune system. So if you find yourself catching cold often, your body is probably low on protein intake.

5) Swollen Legs

Another signs of protein deficiency are swelling such as swollen legs, ankles and feet. Protein is responsible for keeping enough fluid in the blood vessels so when your body is low on protein, the fluid isn’t drawn back but instead stays in the tissue causing the swelling.

If you are seeing these signs, start by consuming foods that are high in protein into your servings such as eggs and high-quality dairy foods. It is not that hard, it is a healthy habit that we should include in our daily lives.

Seeing these symptoms? Consult with us now!

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