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How Water Does Wonders To Our Body

We are familiar with the term "Water is good for you." but besides the fact that water keep us hydrated and it has zero calories, why is it important? Here are some of the key benefits that you should know!

1) Hydrated

Water keeps us hydrated. Our body needs water to function throughout the day. Says Lonny Horowitz, a board certified bariatrician practicing in the Atlanta area: "Every metabolic process in the body, whether it be a muscle contraction or a biochemical reaction in the liver, requires water to be present." It is not a good feeling when we feel dehydrated. So get drinking!

2) You Feel Full Just By Drinking Water

Have you ever had that feeling where you feel full after drinking a glass or two of water? Well, anything that takes up space in your stomach is going to cause you to feel fuller but water doesn't take much effect as compared to eating solid food. It is also a good practice because it will help you control the portion you are consuming at the same time watching your diet!

3) Flushes Toxins

Keeping yourself hydrated is the only way to effectively purge our bodies of toxins. There are a lot of negative effect that can come from not getting enough fluid in our body. It could affect our liver, kidney and bowel function and can lead to built-up toxins entering our blood stream, potentially causing other complications.

4) Helps You Sweat

Did you know water lubricates your joints so you can move easily, and it hydrates your muscles to prevent cramping. We need to have water present for the actual contraction and expansion of muscles to take place.

5) Water Is The Best Of All

If you are on the road of losing weights, water should be your best friend because it has zero calories and it comes with a variety of benefits! No matter your size, you should be drinking water regularly as it is for your own good too. Keep yourself hydrated and healthy today!

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