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Identifying Gall Bladder Symptoms

Gall bladder helps stores bile, a combination of fluids, fat, and cholesterol. It also helps break down fat from food in your intestine and then delivers bile into the small intestine. This allows fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients to be more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Basically, it plays an important factor in your digestive system. Know your symptoms early!

1) Pain

The most common symptom of a gallbladder problem is pain. This pain usually occurs in the mid- to upper-right section of your abdomen. It can be mild and intermittent, or it can be quite severe and frequent. In some cases, the pain will begin to radiate to other areas of the body, including the back and chest.

2) Fever or Chills

An unexplained fever may signal that you have an infection. If you have an infection, you need treatment before it worsens and becomes dangerous. The infection can become life-threatening if it’s allowed to spread to other parts of the body.

3) Chronic Diarrhea

Having more than four bowel movements a day for at least three months may be a sign of chronic gallbladder disease.

4) Jaundice

Image source: Medical News Today

Yellow-tinted skin may be a sign of a common bile duct block or stone

5) Unusual Stools or Urine

Image source: Meta filter

Lighter-colored stools and dark urine are possible signs of a common bile duct block

It is our responsibility to watch our body so it is always in a healthy condition. Do not take things lightly and start acting on it before it gets serious and complicated!

Think you may have Gall Bladder problems? Consult with us now!

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