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When Is Surgery A Must?

Some of us may think that surgery is the only option to a treatment but when do we know when is it really necessary or when is the right time? Surgery can be daunting to everyone who hear it. Even though there are various of procedures from minor to major surgery, it is a procedures that requires some reasoning.

Mean while, there are situations where surgery is unavoidable. For example, if you are having appendix, surgery is the only option including other medical emergencies. Normally, a doctor would suggest invasive treatments before proceeding to surgery.

Here are some ways you could take note of before making the decision:

1) Ask your doctor/surgeon and seeks for second opinion

First thing first, your doctor/surgeon knows best about your condition so if they opted for a surgery, clarify some questions and what are the benefits from having the surgery. You may start by asking if there are any other treatments available.

2) Consider less invasive

Not all surgeries have a less invasive counterpart, but many do. Investigate treatments that may work as well as surgery.

3) Medication therapy

The most essentials kind of treatment is definitely through medication. It is most effective for those who are suffering from inflammation and small pain. Pain medication may also be prescribed for pain reduction.

4) Physical or Occupational therapy

These therapies are best to strengthen muscles, build strength and regain mobility. For instance, a patient with back pain may use a combination of pain medications and physical therapy to build strength and flexibility and regain full use of their back to avoid surgery.

Image source: nyboneandjoint

5) Watch your diet & lifestyle

The ultimate regime to a healthy diet and lifestyle is to live like one. The doctor may tell you that you can avoid surgery with serious changes in diet and lifestyle. Major changes in diet can produce many positive results resulting in a healthy body and mind.

6) When you know you need surgery

Like mentioned earlier, there will be situations where surgery is the only option. If you've given the non-surgical therapies a chance without success, it may be time to consider surgery. There also benefits from undergoing surgery. Speak to your doctor/surgeon for the best recommendation.

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