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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery (SILS)

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery single incision

Also known as Scarless Surgery, 

SILS is the Holy Grail of surgeries.

Created to reduce scars, pain and suffering of patients by minimalizing laparoscopic surgical access points

to 1, instead of 4, usually through the patient's naval.

Why choose SILS?


  • 1 instead of 4 cuts

  • Lessen the trauma of access

  • Less post surgical pain

  • Less possibilities of wound-related complications

  • Faster recovery, early return to regular activities

  • No visible scars

"  Through SILS, any possibility of 

infection is now limited to one incision site rather than four sites. 


This results in less risk of wound complications, reduced post surgery pain and shorter recovery time."


- Dr. Ravishankar K. Didappur

The SILS Centre

SILS Centre is founded by Senior Consultant Specialist Surgeon, Dr. Ravishankar K. Diddapur. 


Dr. Ravishankar, an expert in laparoscopic surgeries, as well as multi-organ transplants, specifically the liver, kidney, pancreas and small bowel regions, has pioneered numerous advanced surgical procedures in Singapore.

Dr. Ravishankar pioneered South East Asia's first SILS Appendectomy and remains one of the only surgeons in Singapore to offer SILS procedures to patients, maintaining only the highest standards in surgical success rates and patient care, which is seen in testimonials to him. 

Professionalism & Patient Care

The SILS Centre implements its own list of best practices in Patient-Centered Care, in creating a holistic approach to its patients' well-being:


  • Enquiring of thorough medical background review

  • Encouraging of open communication

  • Checking of availability and booking of patient preferred medical/hospital rooms or facilities

  • Frequent check-ups when patient is warded

  • Post surgical care

  • 24-hour emergency number direct to specialist

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Contact Us

Mount Elizabeth Novena

Specialist Centre


38 Irrawaddy Road

Singapore 329563


T: +65-9181-7293

M: +65-9181-7293

F: +65-6334-0423

Whatsapp: +65-9181-7293

Gleneagles Hospital

Annexe Block


6A Napier Road

Singapore 258500


T: +65-9181-7293

M: +65-9181-7293

F: +65-6479-7608

Whatsapp: +65-9181-7293

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